How to respond to negative feedback online

From restaurants to sports equipment vendors, no business is immune from negative feedback online. With more and more people spending hours on the Internet every day, customers are quick to voice their opinions about businesses. And their comments aren’t always positive.

What you need to know about Apple’s new iOS 9

For nearly two months now, Apple’s iOS 9 has been available for upgrade. But if you have yet to make the switch, you may still be curious about its new features and whether or not they make it worth installing. If this is you, here’s what you need to know about iOS 9 and four […]

Microsoft launches Office 2016 for Mac

Mac users who have been using Office 2011 now have a reason to smile: Microsoft finally released the latest Office 2016 for Mac in September. Office 2016 is packed with powerful new features for Microsoft’s core applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, all of which are designed to run and perform seamlessly on the […]

Best storm preparation is communication

There is nothing worse for a company and its customers than being forced to close because of inclement weather. And with winter almost upon us once again, now is a good time to make sure your business continuity plan is prepared for anything and everything mother nature is looking to throw your way.

5 ways to manage your reputation online

The Internet has brought about an era of convenience, especially when it comes to shopping. You can purchase just about everything online these days and it can seem like there’s almost no need for physical stores. While e-commerce is incredibly popular, there are issues with security that pop up from time-to-time.

Cybercrime: The Current Trends

“Cybercrime”, “malware”, “hackers”. Three common buzzwords that have caused businesses untold amounts of lost profits, breached data and so on. As much as we would like to say that cybercrime is being eradicated, we can’t. It isn’t going to go away, but if you are aware of the common cybercrime trends, you can take steps to protect your business.

Tips: Staying Healthy While at Work

Work safety and injury prevention - a common topic in all blue collar jobs. Did you know that many of us who work in white collar jobs also need work safety? Safety from what? From the computer. There are a number of injuries you can get from sitting at a desk working on a computer all day, do you know what they are and how to prevent them?

The majority of injuries sustained while working with computers are not instantaneous, they happen over time.