Our Team

Frank Altieri, Jr.


Frank has been involved in the growth of the Internet and its supporting technology support since the early '90s. Having built and managed an ISP, Frank is extremely knowledgeable in network connectivity technologies, day-to-day network operations, network performance and reliability, and security. And as a business owner, Frank intimately understands the challenges facing growing businesses. He is always looking for ways to utilize technology for success.

Veraciti Technical Support Team

All of Veraciti's technical support team have experience in the design, implementation, and on-going support of business networks. This experience encompasses significant capabilities which start from ground-up network cabling to high-end router configuration. Additionally, our employees stay on top of the latest trends in technology to understand how they can meet our customer's business needs.

Chris Fitzpatrick

Chris joined our team in July 2005 as a recent graduate from PC Age Career Institute. Chris is a mainstay in the office providing remote technical support and is Veraciti's Jack of all trades. His excellent customer services skills and youthful enthusiasm are a valuable addition to our team at Veraciti.

Steve Cameron

Steve is our "nutty professor", brings 30+ years of web design and programming experience to the company. As an educator, Steve's patience and and willingness to work one-on-one with our clients makes him a strong addition to our team.

Joseph Altieri

Joseph joined us in the fall of 2008. With his extensive experience with computer hardware and software in the past 10+ years, Joe's ability to put all the essential pieces together can really make your computer network sing.

Wayne Boote

Wayne is the newest member of the Veraciti team. Wayne brings a wide variety of experience and expertise to the table so there will be no need for your IT environment to "fast". Wayne's hands-on experience has allowed him to dive in and get the job done in a variety of technology areas.