About Us

Your New Jersey IT Consulting and Support Department

Veraciti Inc. was founded in 2000 to help small businesses in Morristown, Parsippany, and Wayne get the most out of their technology. Over the years we’ve helped many organizations relieve their technology worries so that they can concentrate on growing their businesses and realizing their goals.

IT Support, Not Techno-Babble

Have you ever called a large company for help with your computer and been completely frustrated by the jargon and techno-babble? Have you ever asked a friend or family member to help you, and while the problem was fixed, perhaps things just don't work quite the same? At Veraciti, we speak your language. We take the time to listen to your problem, work with you to resolve them, and explain things using terms you can understand.

IT Solutions, Not Just Technology

Unsure which technology solution best fits your needs? Together, we can accomplish your business goals. We do this by first asking you what your goals are. Then, we listen. Based on your answers, we put the strengths of our team together with technology to cost effectively achieve the results you want. From working securely from home to effectively managing the flood of SPAM email, Veraciti sifts the array of technical solutions for you, gives you the best options, and the advice you need to make an informed decision.

Breadth of Knowledge, Not Just Computer Specialists

Veraciti's team has been working with the Internet and computers since the days of dial-up and mainframe "big-iron". Because Veraciti is an Internet access provider and web hosting provider as well as network support provider has the hands-on experience needed to bridge the gap between your internal computer network and the Internet. So, if you need help sorting out your Internet connection or are simply concerned about protecting your business computers from viruses, Veraciti can help.

Our managed and hosted services take you off of the costly installation and upgrade treadmill by continually providing the latest proven technologies - fully managed, redundant, secure, and affordable.

Veraciti Inc. puts your focus back on your business with our:

  • Registered Microsoft Partner status - designates our expertise with Microsoft technologies
  • Skilled technology experts - experienced engineers who view themselves as an extension of your business
  • 24 X 7 help and support - help is only a phone call away

Veraciti Inc.'s services are focused on providing the business tools that small businesses need to compete, providing affordable technology designs based on business requirements. Our technology solutions cut costs and put your company in a position to prosper.

Find out how our experienced professionals can turn your technology investments into a powerful business advantage.